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I have been fortunate to work with many very talented people in my career.  I have wonderful things to say about all of them.   Here is what they have to say about me.

I really enjoyed working with Andy at Zoic for the last few years. Andy is technically adept, innovative, collaborative, and a great photographer. He developed the specs for Zoic’s current HDRI methodology and helped me integrate my non-standard equipment set to Zoic’s CG needs. We also share an interest in craftsmanship that, to my way of thinking, demonstrates a commitment to excellence in his approach to visual effects. I look forward to working with him again!

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Mark Stetson
Creative Director/Visual Effects Supervisor - Feature Films at Zoic Studios

Andy is a very talented and hard working CG Sup. He is in a large part responsible for our 3D pipeline, and has a firm understanding of the work from the most fundamental to the most esoteric levels. He is a good leader, and a talented artist. I recommend him whole-heartedly.

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David Jones
VFX Supervisor at Freelance

Andy is one of those rare artists that brings both strong technical skills and excellent artistic skills together in his work. He builds pipelines and process for the crew, does R&D on complex issues, and can still work on the box making pretty pictures.

On the technical side, Andy has great coding and troubleshooting skills. Along with designing our HDRi pipeline, Andy often writes tools and glue for our Maya setup. He also routinely vets new software and plugins and delves into complex CG issues like fluid and “shattering” simulations. He has an amazing ability to distill a technical problem down to an understandable problem for non-technical artists.

On the artistic side, I find Andy to have a good eye for what he wants on screen and to be able to communicate that well to the other artists. Coming from a design and lighting background, he is especially conscious of what light is doing, where and how it is properly set up, and how to tweak it creatively.

Overall, I find Andy to be a great artist and technician with strong supervisory and teaching skills. I look forward to working with Andy again on both workplace and personal projects.

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Jeffrey Baksinski
Digital Supervisor at Zoic Studios

I have worked with Andy and quite a few projects at Digital Domain, the biggest one was StarTrek, Nemesis. Andy is a completely self sufficient, outstanding artist, who has a great passion for detail and who loves to take on new challenges. Andy, with his great attitude and easy-going personality is a must-have for any project!

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Markus Kurtz
Vice President, Production Technology at Rhythm & Hues

Andy is the type of guy that you don’t just want on a job, you NEED him. He sees problems way before they come up and so is able to help steer a team clear of those issues. His full knowledge of the process allows him to understand many things so very easily. His artistic skills are rock solid with a foundation in Industrial Design. My only issue with Andy is that I am not currently working with him!

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Robert Nederhorst
VFX Supervisor at Method Studios

Working with closely with Andy over the years was a pleasure and privilege. His knowledge of the software packages, the production process and the ebb and flow of hard core CG productions was a constant reassurance. Having him operate in the trenches as a Senior Artist while at the same time having the more broad supervisor’s vision was a great dula advantage of being able to constantly test the pipeline to improve the process. Operating at that higher level by building and maintaining tools, scripts and shelves for the studio showed a long term commitment to problem solving and efficiency to constantly improve process and results. And his interest and outreach to external vendors to ensure that the studio was able to offer new services, RnD new techniques and improve speed was a native passion for making things better. You’ll will be lucky to work with him.

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Neil Ingram
Senior Manager of Production at VASG (Visual Arts Service Group) at Sony Computer Entertainment America

Andy is an amazing DFX Supervisor and Technical Director. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him many times at Zoic Studios and gladly recommend him. Andy has the rare combination of technical knowledge and creativity that breaks through challenges that might seem impassable. I’ve literally seen this combination of skills steal jobs from other VFX houses because Andy simply found a better way to do things.

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Matt Olmon
Commercial Director and Producer at OMedia and One Ninth

Andy is nothing if not a dedicated worker and strong creative collaborator. When working with Andy, you truly get to experience a level of resourcefulness that brings a project to the next level.
He is an accomplished visual effects artist, and brings that perspective of making the impossible possible to his creative endeavors.
I value Andy as an artist, and as a friend. He would be a welcome asset to your team.

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Bob Beresh
Manager, Feature Sales at Warner Bros. Post Production Services

Andy is the King of Problem Solving! Working with him made every day a pleasure! He’s got a great eye, and truly cares about his work and his coworkers. A consummate professional.

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Laura Barbera
Animation Supervisor at Nickelodeon Animation Studios

Andy is an individual who is essential to any visual effects team. He both sees the big picture and the small details in any shot and is able to accomplish and communicate what needs to be done at all times. Besides his expertise in 3D he is personable and easy to get along with, which always contribute to the overall morale and effectiveness of any team. I hope to work with Andy sometime again in the future

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Chris LeDoux
Visual Effects Supervisor at Crafty Apes LLC

Andy was a delight to work with. Specially when trying to figure out the correct , efficient, but mostly artistic solutions to any production problem that was thrown to us with inhumane deadlines. Always taking any project with a smile and 100% “gusto”. I would definitely recommend Andy as a great asset to any CG production. I hope to work with him again !

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Frank Aalbers
Global TD at Pixar

Andy embodies two of the most important attributes I look for when seeking out a visual effects artist. First, Andy is dedicated to his work and his art, tirelessly determined to do a good job. I’ve never been disappointed by a shot Andy has worked on because I know he cares as much as anybody. Second, Andy is fun. He’s a good guy. People like him. So in addition to being a pleasure to work with in a team environment, he’s also a good communicator, and easy to communicate with. I highly recommend Andy.

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John Parenteau

Andy has proven himself time and time again to go above and beyond the call of duty during production. His dedication to the team’s well-being and quality of work is nothing short of exemplary. He seems to welcome any challenge, however seemingly unreasonable, and relishes dissecting “the impossible” into a well-organized “unit of possibility”.

He has sacrificed much of his own free time to put towards the greater good of the facility and shows extreme willingness and effort to organize and streamline not just the 3D pipeline, but the related pipelines of the facility as a whole with the understanding that a strong pipeline is essentially the backbone of any efficient production.

His passion for learning new tools and techniques to enhance his craft while honing his leadership skills has earned him the respect, wisdom and trust of his peers needed to propel him to greater and greater heights.

Andy is a great production asset as a strong, well-organized leader, a talented artist and, most of all, a loyal friend.

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Dave Carlson
Visual Effects Artist

Andy is one of those artists that you really want on your team. He will take what appears to be an impossible shot, and figure out a way to make it happen as if it was no trouble at all. I’ve learned many great techniques along the years from working with Andy, and along that time he’s been nothing but helpful, and has always carried himself with a professional attitude. I highly recommend Andy, and would work with him again, on any project.

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Alex Nijmeh
Lighter at Walt Disney Animation Studios