Specializing in VFX/CG Supervision with a diverse Generalist background in Look Development, Lighting, Texturing, Custom Tools, Shot Methodologies, and Hard Surface Modeling.


VFX/CG Supervision

I have over 16 years of Visual Effects production experience.  I have managed teams of artists on commercials and feature films as a VFX and CG Supervisor.  I enjoy working collaboratively with artists in order to create beautiful imagery.  One of my many strengths is the ability to be a positive leader while being an effective communicator.

Onset VFX Supervision

With more than 5 years of onset commercial VFX supervision, I have done everything from data gathering, talent scan supervision and tech scouting, to planning and supervising methodologies for full green screen shoots.

Additionally, as an avid photographer, I have customized  my camera rig specifically for calibrated onset HDR photography, Photoscan data acquisition, and cross polarization photography.  Cross polarization photography is exceptional at capturing subtle sub dermal skin detail that plugs nicely into many CG skin shaders.

Problem Solving & Scripting

During my career I have used many tools while mainly using Autodesk’s Maya.  When hurdles arise, I write custom python based tools to solve production problems.  The main emphasis of the tools I create range from one off  tools to specific show centric workflow tools.  I work closely with pipeline groups to elevate my skills and bring the tools I have honed and created on a show level to the facility as a whole.